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About LIFE

Life happens. Somehow it just keeps happening, and it is more complex than we can handle sometimes. How you think about it and how you deal with it matters. Talking about it helps. See the Services section for info on Psychotherapy with Ashley, and check the blog for posts related to life stress issues.

About therapy

A lot of people have been in therapy, but few people talk openly about it. Few people know what therapists are doing in session or how to get the most out of those sessions. Let's break down those walls. Therapy isn't a mysterious process, but sometimes it can be pretty magical. 


about Psychology

Psychology is a science, backed by research and the experimental method. It's an investigation, making observations and seeing how pieces fit. It's an exploration of how people are who they are. Figuring out how the science fits into our lives can be tricky but worth it.

Stress and Trauma-related Growth


My area of particular expertise is Posttraumatic Growth, the flip side of PTSD. It's the ability to grow wiser, stronger, or more connected as a result of coping with trauma. We can't always stop trauma from happening, so we might as well do something about it. Those who have been through trauma deserve the best, and my passion is helping those who have suffered the most do the best. 

So grab a warm mug and wrap up in a cozy blanket, and let's get down to the business of becoming more of the person you want to be.


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