It is my mission and privilege to come alongside people during times of struggle to help them make it through, to grow stronger and build resilience. I help people identify what is meaningful to them and support people in finding their own answers to life's big questions. 

I put a high value on respect for individual diversity. I listen to who you are as an individual and weave together your needs and values with complimentary, research-backed approaches. 


I am broadly trained in cognitive-behavioral treatments, values- and acceptance-based treatments, and feminist/multicultural approaches. Trauma treatment, recovery, and growth is my area of expertise, with training in trauma-specific treatments such as cognitive processing therapy and prolonged exposure. 

Above all, I seek to build a trusted relationship with each client in which they can be themselves, challenge themselves, and love themselves. 



I can host or provide at your facility a variety of 60-90 minute talks and workshops, such as but not limited to:

Managing the Unmanageable: Work/Life Balance

When Life Gets Real: Stress and Emotion Management 

Grief and Loss

Trauma and PTSD, a Brief Guide to Surviving the Muck